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Angels and Spirit Guides

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*All of us have a wealth of Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides surrounding us. Guardian Angels protect us from danger, while Spirit Guides provide wisdom and guidance in making choices. From the moment we are born, these spirits have been helping us on our path, teaching us the beauty of life and offering us healing and support during difficult times.

Developing a stronger conscious relationship with our angels can bring a great sense of joy and peace into our lives. By nurturing our spiritual family, miracles of healing can occur -- suddenly we no longer feel alone and there is always someone there to protect, understand and encourage us.

Nicole will put you in touch with one of your Guardian Angels and one of your Spirit Guides. She will describe these spirit entities to you in detail, give you their names, and convey any messages they have including why they have chosen to step forward and be more connected with you. Your angels will give you a physical signal so that you will be able to better sense their presence with you. Nicole will teach you ways to improve your communication skills with your spiritual family. In turn, your angels will bless a sacred object of their choosing for you to use to help facilitate your connection with them.

Meeting your angels and spirit guides must be done over the phone or in-person. If you choose a phone session, you must be calling from a quiet place where you will be able to be calm and uninterrupted. You will receive your sacred object in the mail one to two weeks after your session. Nicole will remain available for 3 short follow up discussions (via-phone or e-mail) to help you fine-tune your communication skills.

Sessions usually last around 60-90 minutes.
The fee for this service is $250.00. Have a question? e-mail Nicole!

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