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"Because he spoke to fish
in the creek, he tried to
tell us, that the animals could
speak. Who knows, perhaps
they do, I know they do.  
How do you know they don't?
Just because they've never
spoken to you?"
~John Denver~




Relying On Joy-Animal Communicator

How can Nicole help you and your pet?

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    Nicole has three styles she uses when communicating with animals. Using one or all of these strategies usually leads to successful communication with an animal.

    pawDirect Communication
    The first style of communication is direct or telepathic. When she is with the animal and talking to it she will get impressions, images, feelings or words for what they are saying. She feels that this information comes directly from the animal, just as you and I would talk and read body language to get impressions. Since this way of communicating comes directly from the animal however, it is not always trustworthy, for example a bird will always lie and say it is fine when it is really feeling sick or in pain -- or an animal may hide facts to protect their abuser -- also some animals will not talk to strangers. Therefore, she uses two other styles of gaining information about an animal along with this telepathic communication.

    pawPsychic Communication
    The second way of communicating with animals is intuitive or psychic. She asks her spirit guides what is happening with the animal and her spirit guides will reveal what they can, often they will consult with the animal's spirit guides to find information. Information gained this way usually comes in the form of feelings or images but also comes in words.

    pawDream Realm Communication
    The third way is in the dream realm. She will often have a "visionary" type of dream where the animal will give her information about itself or a situation that it would not reveal in normal life. Also, for most animals there is a particular spirit who watches over their particular species. For example, in regard to birds there is a "Bird God". This bird is very wise however also very silly and often talks in riddles. She has also met a "Cat God" and "Dog God".

    pawPlease e-mail Nicole if you would like to talk about your animal. Also, you may add your animal to the healing prayer list. She will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your animal communication request. At this time, she will tell you when to expect your reading to be finished. Due to the number of requests she receives, and the care she devotes to each reading, response time may take anywhere between 1-5 days.

    pawAnimal Communication Sessions available:
    Animal Communication Sessions are available through e-mail, telephone or in-person. All e-mail correspondence includes follow up so that you can be sure to have your questions answered as clearly and completely as she is able.

    *Online through E-Mail -- Your questions will be answered clearly and completely. Nicole is available for any clarification you need after receiving your written response. Online animal communication sessions may involve up to three mail exchanges.

    *By Telephone -- Appointment required. Please note, you will accrue your regular long-distances charges in addition to the reading fee.

    *In-Person -- By appointment in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.

    If you are unable to make an in-person reading, animal communication sessions can be done just as effectively on the phone or through e-mail.

    Although Nicole never uses a timer, please consider this fee structure to determine how much concentrated effort you would like put into your reading.

    Time --------- Rates

    Please visit new website. Link at top of this page.

    *If you are an animal rescue center, or an individual currently involved in rescuing an animal, you may be eligible for discounted or no cost communication services. E-mail Nicole for details. (Note: You will be required to provide references as to the legitimacy of your rescue. If you are in any way involved with breeding animals or using animals for entertainment/sport you will not be eligible for this discount -- this is due to Nicole's concern for the millions of homeless animals, and the suffering of animals who's lives are used for human profit and then discarded.)

    Many blessings to you and your beloved animal!


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