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*"...there are the doctors who, on passing into their spirit life, learn much more about healing and then become healing guides, or spirit doctors, finding great joy in their new powers of healing and far wider scope to heal those they could not help before."   Harry Edwards, Spiritual Healer
Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is a divine gift and comes from Spirit. It is granted to everyone regardless of race, religion or faith, and equally given to animals and those who have passed into spirit but who still suffer due to the circumstances of their passing. Whenever someone is in need, healing angels or spirit doctors are available to bring the light of Spirit and remove the cause of the suffering.

Even medical authorities agree that the greatest cause of pain, disease and affliction lies in some form of mental anxiety or stress. This anxiety or stress often has it's root in our inner-selves because of an uncertainty or block in receiving Spirit's unconditional love. Medical science cannot usually help in these cases, but spiritual healing can because it comes from the same dimension as the problem that exists - the spirit dimension.

A spiritual healer, such as Nicole, is a human instrument attuned to communicate with spirit doctors and healing angels. Living with life-threatening illness since birth, Nicole has experienced within herself the miracle healing spirit is capable of (see Nicole's personal biography). Nicole's bond with these healing guides is therefore well developed and she is able to facilitate healing for any person or animal in any situation of pain or unrest.

Spiritual healing is not faith healing, it is not necessary for the person in need of help to believe in or even know about the healing being requested.

The great majority of those who seek healing from Nicole are helped by absent or distant healing, meaning Nicole never sees in-person the person or animal she is assisting to heal. This works because the healing itself comes from another dimension in which the physical limitations of earthly life do not exist, therefore distance is no obstacle.

While most people experience some relief from their ailment soon after the first healing session, long term results especially from chronic problems typically require a series of healing sessions.

Spiritual healing and medicine are complementary to each other. Nicole asks that medical treatment continue and that sufferers receive all the help that doctors can give at the same time that healing is sent.

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Spiritual Healing can be helpful for:

* People or animals experiencing acute or chronic physical ailments or disease, even when the illness is terminal.

* People or animals experiencing emotional disturbances that block happiness; such as anxiety, anger or depression.

* Life-depreciating patterns; when we seem to encounter the same painful life situation over and over again.

* Resolving addictive behaviors.

* Restoring/resolving difficult relationships with children, significant partners, family members, co-workers or pets.

* Assisting a deceased person or animal move into the light of Spirit after experiencing a traumatic or emotionally painful passing.

* Spiritual growth.

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Fee Options and Payment: Nicole offers a varied fee structure in hopes of making healing available to anyone in need. The difference in pricing does not reflect the effectiveness of the healing, only the amount of time Nicole spends on relaying communication from Spirit. If you are unable to afford any of the following options please see Nicole's prayer list for a no-cost alternative.

Option #1 -- Healing sent for approximately 30 minutes to a person or animal. Nicole will send a very short e-mail acknowledging that the healing has been sent and sometimes giving brief impressions of the problem or BRIEF messages conveyed by Spirit. (This is often a good option for those needing a series of healings.)  $35

Option #2 -- Healing sent for approximately 30 minutes to a person or animal. Nicole will send an e-mail giving her impressions of the problem and relaying messages conveyed by Spirit during the healing. $65

Option #3 -- Healing scheduled in-person, on the phone or by e-mail. Healing sent for approximately 30 minutes to a person or animal, followed by a 30 minute consultation (or detailed e-mail) where Nicole will relay her impressions along with all information received from Spirit during the healing. (If considering a series of healings, this is a good choice for the initial session.) $100

Payment is easily made by clicking the PayPal link. Using PayPal you can pay via credit card or transfer funds directly from a checking or savings account. You may also send a personal check or money order but all payments must be received before your reading. If you would like more information, E-Mail Nicole about payment options.

After you request a healing, Nicole will send you an e-mail to set up your appointment or tell you when she expects to do your healing. At that time it is helpful if you can take a moment to mentally ask the spirits to assist in bringing about the greatest good possible for this healing.

*Click here for the healing request form.

Remember...feel welcome to sign my prayer list.

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