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I Soar On

Again I have fallen prey to the darkness and fear of pneumonia,
I lay at night in my hospital bed while I gasp for breath wishing I'd just be dead,
I try to think of a reason to live...
I struggle on.

Morning brings my only strength that is my mother,
The educated voices say, "There's little hope it may soon be over."
I feel my mother's strength weaken.
I struggle on.

The educated voices ring in my head.
I still lay in my hospital bed.
My mother, sits beside me,
I fear, I weaken, I cry,
The educated voices may be right.
I turn to God in my despair
But God isn't there,
I try to cough, I can't.
I try to talk, I can't.
I try to move, I can't.
I try to scream, I can't.
I try to think, I can't.
I try to breathe, I can't.
A thousand educated voices surround me.
They panic, I panic.
I struggle on.

They stab my innocent arms.
They pound my sore chest.
They stick tubes down my frail nose.
They hurt me.
They disturb my natural death,
They take away my coming relief.
I struggle on.

The light above me grows brighter as the educated voices,
the pain and fear fade.
The light sings for me to come
The light is my relief
The light rids me of the educated voices and the pain and the fear,
The light shows me I am loved...
Then the light gives me life again,
I am renewed, I am born,
I have no fear.
And I soar on.

I know the light is lovely, dark and deep,
but I have promises to keep,
and miles to go before I sleep,
and miles to go before I sleep,
and I soar on.

Nicole~Relying On Joy    Minneapolis, MN    612.987.2717
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