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Psychic Consultations and Healing For People and Pets by Nicole


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You CAN experience an open channel of conversation with the spirit realm.
Nicole is a psychic medium with clairaudient, clairvoyant, and clairsentient abilities. This means that Spirits communicate to her using words (sound), vision and sensation. Spirit messages conveyed by Nicole are accurate, straightforward and practical. Nicole can contact Angels and Spirit Guides, as well as passed over relatives, friends and/or animals. She can talk to spirit entities of your choosing, or those who choose to show up on their own.

Nicole has the ability to connect with passed over friends, relatives or animals of your choosing, however spirits have a mind of their own and will occasionally be unable or unwilling to communicate for various reasons. This situation is very rare and most spirits feel honored to be contacted. Please do not think that you are "bothering" a spirit by wishing to contact them, if they do not wish to talk they will tell Nicole.

Only honesty can be truly helpful -- Nicole does not give unrealistic or falsely positive readings. However, messages are conveyed with utmost compassion and respect -- they are NEVER judgmental no matter what the situation. Our life's lessons are opportunities, not tests or punishments. Spirit wants only for us to be happy and will offer help even in very difficult situations.

My readings with Nicole are not only accurate, but comforting. I feel as if I have a phone line to the spiritual world. Nicole does not talk in riddles. The conversation that Nicole allows you to have with your passed over loved one makes it seem as if you are talking on the phone with that person. Their unique personalities and responses can only come from them. When your reading is complete, you will feel a sense of peace knowing that person still exists and is still very much a part of your life.  R. C.

Nicole, you have a wonderful gift, some of the remarks you have made and terms you used could only come from my late wife. You have put the skeptic in me aside with your gift.  T.U.

Since my first reading with Nicole my life has taken a dramatic change for the better.  M.B.

My first reading with Nicole was 3 years ago, I believe time is the best judge of psychics. Nicole was 100% right on with everything she told me, including issues I doubted at the time but which I later discovered were true.  D.W.

I can't tell you how fortunate I feel to have found Nicole on the internet. Most people never get the chance to communicate with their angels and spirit guides so clearly.   J.K.


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A psychic reading with Nicole can help you:

* Understand and heal relationships with friends, intimate partners and family members both living and dead;

* See future possibilities and chose the best path;

* Identify and fulfill your life's highest purpose;

* Begin to work through emotional or spiritual blockages that may be preventing happiness in relationships, career and other vital areas of life;

* Develop or expand your own intuitive ability;

* Interpret the meaning in your dreams.

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* Online through E-Mail -- Your questions will be answered clearly and completely. Nicole is available for any clarification you need after receiving your reading. E-mail readings may involve up to three mail exchanges.

* By Telephone -- Appointment required. If applicable, you will accrue your regular long-distances charges in addition to the reading fee.

* In-Person -- By appointment in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.

The spirit realm knows no distance. If you are unable to make an in-person reading, readings can be done just as effectively on the phone or through e-mail.

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Nicole offers a varied fee structure in hopes of making psychic support available to everyone. If you are unable to afford these costs, be sure to try her FREE Color Reading.

Phone readings can be tape recorded for an additional $5 shipping fee. In-person readings can be recorded at no additional cost. Please let Nicole know if you would like your reading taped.

Wait time for readings generally vary between 2-3 weeks. Please email Nicole if you'd like to know her current schedule. If your need is urgent, Nicole can often fit you in within a week, however there is a $50 additional charge for urgent appointment spots.
Up to 40 minutes:  $110    E-mail, telephone or in-person
         60 minutes:   $150  E-mail, telephone or in-person
         90 minutes:   $225  E-mail, telephone or in-person
       120 minutes:   $300  E-mail, telephone or in-person

*Yes! I would like to schedule a reading!

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Cancellation Policy

You must notify Nicole at least 48 hours in advance to cancel your appointment and receive a refund. No refunds will be given for skipped or missed appointments. If you miss your appointment and wish to reschedule, there is a fee of half of the cost of another appointment. Exceptions are made in the case of illness as long as some notice is given.

How To Make a Payment

Payment can be made using a credit card by clicking the PayPal button. PayPal can accept multiple currencies. You may also U.S. mail a personal check or money order to Nicole, but all payments must be received before your reading. If you have any difficulties using Paypal or would simply prefer to U.S. mail a check, please E-Mail Nicole for more information.

Nicole will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your reading request.

Psychic readings make long remembered and appreciated gifts!
Gift Certificates available by clicking here.

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