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Psychic Consultations and Healing For People and Pets by Nicole
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Instant Color Reading



You look to the spirits for support and have a serious dedication to expanding your understanding and consciousness. You may have gained some new and powerful insights lately or you may be new to your path of spirituality. You are practical and integrate spirituality into your daily life in a down to earth kind of way. You have a sense that "heaven" is here on earth and you take spirituality out of the sky (or your head) and apply it to life on earth. You easily see God in nature. You are not at all flamboyant or hyped up about your insights, but intelligent, mature and respectful in your thinking and in the way you express yourself.

You are a strong and steady person -- predictable and consistent in a way that helps others feel safe and comfortable with you. You do not typically wear your heart on your sleeve but you are a very caring and compassionate person. Justice and fairness in all matters is important to you. You look over situations carefully, trying to view things objectively and from all possible sides. You don't react until you are sure, likewise you are not quick to judge people or situations. This quality makes you a good moderator of arguments or conflicts and a good and trustworthy friend.

The spirits admire your steady trust in them. Sometimes things shake you and you react in ways you are ashamed of or regret later. The spirits want you to know that is OK. You can't be strong or fair all the time. Please try to forgive yourself, we all have ideals that it is impossible to live up to completely.

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