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Psychic Consultations and Healing For People and Pets by Nicole
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Instant Color Reading



Love. Union. A meeting of the minds. An agreement is reached. Two perfect companions come together. Or conversely, a great and deep desire for a loving, nurturing connection with another person or God.

There has been a union or reunion in your life. A partnership has come together which can lead to a great happiness and strengthening of the two persons as well as be a benefit to others. The universe smiles on this union and/or agreement and will provide all types of support needed to enrich and continue this cause as long as your heart and motivations remain pure and nurturing.

Conversely, there is an aching in your heart for that perfect union. Maybe you have just lost someone dear to you, maybe a relationship has just ended crushing all hope, maybe you have just been alone for as long as you feel you can bear. Whatever the situation, the need for a deep and loving connection is forefront in your mind and heart. Maybe even God or Spirit feels somehow out of your reach. The spirits feel this emptiness in your heart. This is one of the hardest and saddest places to be in. Don't under estimate your inner strength.

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